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Who makes UrbanInsights

I believe that as a solo traveler, traveling with purpose plays an essential role in my personal journey, promoting a deep understanding of the world and transforming my experiences into enrichment and self-discovery, as well as discovering that knowing the world is inextricably linked to knowing the stories and perspectives that each individual brings with them.

I'm a digital nomad, content creator, who loves travel and coffee. I've always had the dream of exploring the world and experiencing different ways of living, and since 2020,

I've changed my lifestyle.

I started UrbanInsights with the mission to share my experiences, tips, and discoveries with all of you, and I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world with purpose.

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Flavia Koppe

Digital Nomad

UrbanInsights started as a channel called Caccau Nomad where I shared the places where I lived as a digital nomad, but my desire was to impact people's lives through my videos and show, through my perception, what the cities I go through and how can i find purpose traveling.

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