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Digital Nomad - Tips for a Life of Possibilities

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Hy friends! Good to see you here!
If you're thinking about traveling and working remotely or becoming a digital nomad, know that you're entering a world of possibilities! This lifestyle can be exciting and challenging but also very rewarding. To make the most of this experience, it's important to prepare adequately and have a plan to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Before I started traveling and changing my entire life, I did a lot of research on digital nomadism, tried out some things, and got to know myself in the process to gain clarity on what this new life would be like and if it was really for me.

Granada - Spain

To help you on this journey, I've gathered some important tips that can assist in planning and adapting to this new lifestyle. They are:

Tip n.º 1 - Mentality

Before embarking on this journey, it's important to be mentally prepared for the challenges and stress that may come with it. Having a sense of self-awareness is important so that you can identify signs of becoming overwhelmed. Establish self-care practices to relax and recharge. Creating habits can be quite helpful in this process, and if you have difficulty maintaining habits, it may be interesting to use an app that encourages you, such as Fabulous, for example.

Tip n.º 2 - Adaptability

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. As a digital nomad, you'll need to be flexible and ready to change locations and environments frequently. Be prepared to adapt to new cultures and languages and to face new challenges. During my tests around Brazil, I noticed that spending too little time in a place made me anxious because I wanted to get to know where I was and make the most of that time. So, I decided that one month in each place is enough time to explore and enjoy, and if the place doesn't suit me, I know that in one month, I'll be in a different place.
Tip n.º 3 - Accommodations

Whether as a digital nomad or working remotely and traveling for short periods, you'll have to settle in new places frequently. Some options are renting apartments or rooms for a period and looking for accommodations that fit your budget. Some platforms that are good to search on are Airbnb, Booking, and Hostelworld. I've been using Airbnb every month for various reasons, a secure platform, discounts for long stays (which is important), guarantees in case of problems, and nearly every place in the world has an Airbnb to book. Consider how your routine is; for me, tranquility and security are essential. I need a place where I can concentrate to work and that ensures a stable internet connection.

Cuenca - Ecuador
Tip n.º 4 - Finances

It's important to have a budget to sustain your lifestyle. Set realistic financial goals and create a detailed budget to avoid getting into debt. Try to save for an emergency fund for when things don't go as planned. Use apps or spreadsheets that help you track your expenses. Additionally, gathering information about the local currency and having cards accepted worldwide is crucial. I use an app to track expenses and have digital accounts in two banks, one for international transactions and the other as a backup. And if the place I'm in has difficulty accepting cards, what saves me is Western Union, where I can transfer money and withdraw it at a local store.

Tip n.º 5 - Transportation

Keep an eye out for flight promotions and try to buy tickets in advance, as this can mean significant savings. Activate notifications on search websites like Skyscanner. If you choose to travel by train, there are some companies that offer affordable tickets throughout Europe and/or discount cards, for example. And if you want to travel by bus, you'll find the best prices for sure. Try to plan your destinations so you can buy tickets in advance and get a much better price.

Tip n.º 6 - Internet

This is obvious but an important point to remember. Seek places that guarantee good, stable, and fast internet. Question the places where you'll be staying. I've had several issues with this, and I know how stressful it is to have bad internet. Other options are cafes and coworking spaces, which I love, and it changes my day when I work from places outside of my accommodation.
Tip n.º 7 - Documents

Make sure you have all the necessary documents like a passport, driver's license, ID, needed for travel. If you're thinking of working remotely, make sure you have all the necessary documents for work saved. I have copies of all my documents in a folder on Google Drive. This includes my vaccination card, graduation certificates, and exams. If I ever need something, I have it with me and don't need to take up more space in my bag.

Tip n.º 8 - Physical Exercise and Meditation

Physical exercise and meditation can greatly help you stay in the present and enjoy life better. Engaging in physical activities like walking, running, or workouts can be a great way to stay active and healthy, as well as a way to explore new places. Meditation, on the other hand, can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve your quality of life. I incorporate both into my days, and it makes a significant difference in my overall well-being. After all, it's possible to maintain a routine and good habits even while traveling.
Tip n.º 9 - Travel Insurance

Last but not least, having the right travel insurance is essential to ensure you have coverage everywhere you visit. It's important to check the requirements of the countries you'll be visiting and see if you need specific vaccines. I've had some health issues, and travel insurance saved me. A great option is Genki; it provides coverage from one month to two years on a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time, and its coverage is very comprehensive.

Enjoy the new experiences and positive energy. Be receptive and open to new people and cultures you'll encounter during your journey. Make the most of what the world has to offer.
I hope these tips can help you, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.
All the best, and see you later! Fla :)
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